What is the ecoSnap made of?

The ecoSnap is made from a cellulosic resin (Cellulose Acetate) which is generally derived from wood pulp - a renewable resource.

Does the ecoSnap contain phthalates?

No! Generally cellulose acetate does contain phthalates, but the resin used to make the ecoSnap is different and contains no phthalates!

Why is plastic made from plants better than regular plastic?

One word: Sustainability. Normal everyday plastic is derived from petroleum - which is a non-renewable resource. Bio-based plastics are derived from organic materials, mainly plants, and therefore are renewable and sustainable.

How do I compost the ecoSnap?

We will do it for you! Just email us at info-at-myecosnap-dot-com and we will send you a label to return the ecoSnap to us to be composted properly. Doesn't cost you anything, and as a thank you we will send you a discount to be used to purchase your next ecoSnap (or other WidgetFactory product).

Can I compost the ecoSnap myself?

It is possible, but composting has to be done correctly in order to be effective. If not managed properly, a compost pile (aerobic) is similar to a landfill (anaerobic). In a landfill, no plastic, whether petro or bio based, will biodegrade in an accepted time frame. On top of this, biodegradation in an anaerobic environment will yield carbon dioxide and methane - two gases that contribute greatly to climate change. If you send it to us (for free!) we will use commercial, proven compost facilities. You are welcome to compost yourself, but please do so in a maintained compost pile!